Royal Bindi Catering to the Photography Needs of the Sikh Couples Getting Married at Gurdwara Venues in London – Digital Journal

Royal Bindi Catering to the Photography Needs of the Sikh Couples Getting Married at Gurdwara Venues in London – Digital Journal

Royal Bindi, through its customisable bouquet of photography and videography solutions, is addressing the wedding shoot requirements of the UK-based Sikh couples tying the knot.

Royal Bindi is an industry-leading photographer that specialises in Asian wedding coverage. The photographer holds expertise in all aspects of Indian and Hindu wedding photography and videography, while it also covers Sikh weddings in all their glory and traditional beauty. Royal Bindi performs a creative job while capturing every moment of an event in high quality and vivid colours. The photographer focuses on coming up with cinematic-style media that become digital memories for the wedding couple to treasure for a lifetime.

The spokesperson of Royal Bindi, while addressing a media event, asserted, “Our service has stretched across the United Kingdom and beyond. We take a distinct and unique approach to how we capture every client’s wedding day. Whether our client couples require pre-wedding shoots or need photography assistance at reception ceremonies, we do it all. Our professional photographers and videographers adopt a considerate and sensitive approach when they cover the rituals and traditions being followed at Hindu and Sikh marriages.”

Royal Bindi also performs venue photography at the wedding venues selected by its clients. When it comes to covering any Sikh wedding celebration in London, the photographer pays special attention to the gurdwara where the ceremony is being held. Getting married is an exciting prospect, and every religion has its traditions when it comes to ceremonies. As the day is made for the happy couple, they must experience everything they want from their wedding day, and the wedding venue is especially important to that.

The spokesperson also shared, “Even in the UK, the Sikh couples mostly choose to marry at gurdwara venues, such as Gravesend Gurdwara or Sri Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara. As these venues hold an exclusive architectural beauty, our photographers do not miss any corner inside and any part outside the venue. They ensure that the venue brings all pictures to life. When the gurdwara venue is impressive, the guests also get into the spirit, and that can also be seen throughout the images that we take on the day.”

For couples who want to contact Asian wedding photographer in London, Royal Bindi offers several service packages. The photographer not only presents a vast portfolio to interested parties, but it also tailors their packages as per their wedding plans and budgets. When it comes to a Sikh wedding or Anand Karaj ceremony, Royal Bindi ensures to cover all important stages and rituals, starting right from the pre-wedding rituals of roka, thaka, kurmai, shagan, chunni chadai, maiya, karahi chandna, warna, gaana, mehndi, and chura and kalire. 

About Royal Bindi:

Royal Bindi is a popular Asian wedding photographer in London. The photographer also does the videography of wedding ceremonies and other luxury events. Through its wedding photography solutions, Royal Bindi targets to deliver the best-quality images and videos. The photographer follows a professional and modern approach while producing media that represent the elegance and charm of a traditional wedding ceremony. Royal Bindi has an experienced team of photographers, videographers, …….