NFL Videographer ROCKED By Stefon Diggs While Standing To Get … – OutKick

NFL Videographer ROCKED By Stefon Diggs While Standing To Get … – OutKick

The life of an NFL videographer is not all rainbows and butterflies. Every so often, the contact sport makes its way onto the sideline, or an errant ball requires a play to be made.

Both of those things were true during Sunday’s Divisional Round game between the Bengals and Bills!

Late in the first half, Cincinnati was in the red zone with a chance to score. Joe Burrow dropped back in the pocket on 2nd-and-5, saw nobody open in the end zone, and threw the ball away.

Just beyond the end zone stood Josh, a freelance videographer positioned just behind the end line. Holding the camera in his left hand, he made an impressive, one-handed grab with his right hand to the delight of the crowd at his back!

Melissa Wamp was not quite as lucky during the first of Sunday’s two NFL games.

She didn’t get to make the play of a lifetime. She got rocked.

Wamp, who helps run social for the league, was also on the sideline during a snowy day in Buffalo and captured some of the coolest shots from the game.

She was also in position for what would have been the best shot from the game. It just didn’t go her way.

Six minutes into the third quarter, the Bills were looking to score. Josh Allen threw a fade route to Stefon Diggs just past the goal line, but overthrew his intended target.

The errant pass and forward momentum sent Diggs sliding across the snow-covered turf, directly into the legs of Wamp. She was willing to put her body on the line for what would have been an incredible shot if Diggs had held on for six.

Melissa Wamp took the hit!

He didn’t make the catch, and Wamp got crushed, but she dug in and took the hit like a champion. Diggs was also quick to ask if Wamp was okay after they got back to their feet. She was!

Had Diggs held onto the ball and scored, Wamp would have captured one of the better videos of the year. Instead, she has a story to tell forever.