Brides post complaints online after wedding videographer falls … – News 12 New Jersey

Brides post complaints online after wedding videographer falls … – News 12 New Jersey

Jan 07, 2023, 3:28amUpdated on Jan 07, 2023

By: News 12 Staff

Brides across New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut are banding together through social media after one woman made a post claiming that the videographer she hired for her wedding day never showed up for the big day. And she says he refused to answer her calls and messages for weeks.

The post received a lot of attention on social media.

“I had a bunch of people messaging me on Facebook, Instagram, private messaging, saying, ‘This happened to me too,’” says Alyssa Favano.

There were hundreds of comments all with one common denominator – videographer Jose Diaz, of Jodi Media Weddings. Many brides shared their stories of losing out of thousands of dollars because they did not receive videos from their wedding.

“Some of us he’s not showing up at all. Some of us he showed up and then was late and left early,” Favano says.

Favano says she found Diaz through the trusted wedding website But she says that on the day of her wedding, there was no sign of Diaz. Instead, Diaz sent a subcontractor on his behalf.

Favano says that two weeks later, the subcontractor told her he couldn’t release her footage because Diaz never paid him.

This is a situation that another subcontractor – Sean Fitzgerald – says he knows all too well.

“I uploaded all of the footage to him. The day came and went – no money,” Fitzgerald says.

He says that months later, he still hadn’t gotten paid for the work he did. He is now pursuing legal action after he says Diaz changed his phone number and deactivated his website.

Diaz works alone, but often hires subcontractors to assist him.

News 12 New Jersey reached out to Diaz for comment.

“I am so sorry. Things happen and I am in a bad position, trying to get out from here and make everyone happy,” Diaz says.

He says that he got behind on edits due to a personal family matter and now can’t pay his subcontractors due to some bank claims.

“I have so many disputes because of everything. My bank account is locked and I’m trying,” Diaz says. “I don’t want to steal. I don’t want to keep your money, but I can’t give it back right now.”

Diaz claims brides will get a full refund if they aren’t satisfied, and that all of the brides impacted will eventually get their videos.

“A bride should never have to worry about receiving what she has paid for on her wedding day,” says Fitzgerald. “It’s stressful enough to plan the biggest day of your life, let alone not receiving the memories that you paid for from that. You can never get that back.”

The couples never met with Diaz in person ahead of their weddings. All communication happened over email or phone before the day of the event.

The couple did sign contracts that explicitly stated that …….