After Ten Agency, a full-service graphic design/videography business opens in Chippewa Falls – Chippewa Herald

After Ten Agency, a full-service graphic design/videography business opens in Chippewa Falls – Chippewa Herald

After 10 at night, and after 10 in the morning are the peak creative periods for a pair of artists looking to expand their business into a new community.

After Ten Agency is a new full service graphic design, videography and branding company located at 105A N. Bridge St. in downtown Chippewa Falls. The business was opened earlier this month by engaged couple Mike Neary and Allie Larsen. Neary has owned video production company Neary Studios since 2009 and Larsen owned the graphic design business Point & Pixel Design for the past four years prior to relocating both of their businesses from Eau Claire to Chippewa Falls.

“We were working together, but separately for so long,” Larsen said. “It made it an easy segway when many of our clients were willing to make that transition with us. We already have a lot of connections in this community, so putting everything under one roof just made perfect sense.”

Looking to provide as many quality services as possible, After Ten Agency offers area businesses and other clients graphic design services, logos, branding, website design/development, digital marketing, photography and videography services.

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With the experience to offer customers professional full service video, documentary style videos, branding videos, TV Commercials and YouTube content, Neary said what sets After Ten Agency apart from other video production companies is that the art comes before business for the two young business owners.

“In my blood I’m a filmmaker, it’s what I do,” Neary said. “With our business we are able to tell a business’ story. Taking marketing and business, and blending it with our art forms, is why it means so much to us in the end. We understand the business, but it’s art for us first.”

Neary grew up in Chippewa Falls, graduating from Chi-Hi in the late 1990’s, and both he and Larsen graduated from UW-Stout with the intention of going into business for themselves. After years of sending each other clients for various needs, the two landed on the idea of combining their businesses.

The creative pair, who will be married in May, also find time to volunteer for marketing classes at Chi-Hi to give back to the community their business calls home to instill a love for media/marketing into the next generation.

“We’re an artist run company,” Neary said. “We are specialists underneath our umbrellas respectively, so anything visually you can use to help you promote your brand, we can help you with. This is my hometown and I always wanted to bring the business to this city. There is a real need for it here and we are excited to bring both of our businesses to this town.”

The number 10 is especially important to After Ten Agency. Neary was #10 as a hockey player, he has been in business for 10 years, Larsen graduated high school in 2010 and both of them are night owls, so when the clock hits 10 they are at their peak creative points.

With years of experience in the industry already under their belts, the creative force behind After Ten Agency are primed to help bolster the already surging business community in downtown Chippewa Falls with …….